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Proudly part of the Helpmum success story by 'Damola Anjorin


Congrats to Biodun & his team at on being selected for the Facebook community accelerator program.

Proud to have seeded the development of the first company website and helped in mobilizing the very first outreach. *Cover of the brief Biodun(the founder) sent me below

Initially declined to back him on a couple of other lower-potential concepts he pitched to me...
(PS: **Chats are shared with necessary alignment for context)

Including a coffee business & laboratory rats business

Then he eventually came up with Helpmum after some back-and-forth ideation

We scheduled a meeting which became a defining moment for Helpmum and the rest is history

The startup has gone on to do amazing work in maternal health, getting a series of grants & recognitions along the way, including a recent $250k win from the Google Impact challenge

The team continues to enjoy strategic business development support from us and we continue to cheer them on for more wins.

*Biodun & Damola

We still help prospective founders get their startups off the ground and provide business support for existing ventures. Reach out to us today via contact us


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