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Team Member Spotlight: 5 questions with Omotoke Olowo

Hello Folks, welcome to the month of April. And we are kicking off the month by showcasing one of the awesome people that make things happen in our team. Today you get to meet Omotoke Olowo, a Project Associate working on  SkillHer, one of our capacity building projects .  Hello Toke,  Can you share a little about your role and responsibilities at Edgetechies? I work as a project associate for SkillHer Initiative , which is a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of Edgetechies. my functions include creating content for the SkillHer blog , managing the SkillHer Community, and managing SkillHer's projects How has Edgetechies helped your personal and professional growth? It has increased my capacity to do a lot at the same time what is popularly known as multitasking. It has increased my quest for attention to details. It has brought more out of me even skills I didn't believe I could. It has made me gain better experience in accountability, and getting results without exc
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Empowering Women in Business: Celebrating International Women's Day

Every year on the 8th of March, the whole world celebrates International Women's Day (IWD). It is always a reminder of not just how women worldwide have continued to break the glass ceiling and achieve great things, but also a reminder of how much farther behind women still are, not just in politics and business but also in terms of social justice, body autonomy, and human rights. It is therefore apt that the theme for this year’s celebration is “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress.”. A theme like that is a reminder of the often-mentioned maxim: “It is logical that when you invest in a demography that is half the world, the progress is going to be significant.” As Nigerians, we can go on and on about Nigerian women within and outside the country who are making a difference in various spheres of influence. In finance, politics, sports, fashion, and entertainment, the list is endless. It has been confirmed over and over again that women not only contribute to the global economy with

How PropHandler is Helping Nigerian Landlords Make More Money In 2024

  The real estate business in Nigeria, particularly the housing and property markets, has become extremely profitable in recent years. With the rise in tech jobs leading to individuals having a higher disposable income to pay for housing (a recent study by Professions(dot)ng noted that the number of workers from home increased in Nigeria after 2020 , and this led to people willing to pay higher for comfortable housing). Right now, the property market is a seller’s market, and landlords have a chance to smile to the bank more than they ever had at any other point in Nigeria’s history. Unfortunately, landlords have not been able to realize full value on their properties due to several factors, such as, maintenance issues, and tenants who knowingly or unknowingly mismanage the property and bring down its value. For example, it is common for a Nigerian landlord to build a rental property in a different city from where they live and not be able to monitor the house as they should. This lead

Introducing a capacity building initiative: SkillHer.Org is a catalyst for change, dedicated to equipping young women and girls with the skills they need to forge successful careers and create opportunities for themselves and others. The flagship program, SkillHer SAW, runs three times a year, offering transformative skills in areas like web design , software development and more. SkillHer Young focuses on nurturing personal growth in young girls, while SkillHer Charities ensures the welfare of those in need. Empowering Lives Through Skill Development SkillHer SAW: The flagship program, SkillHer SAW, is more than just skill development. Running three times a year, it provides a transformative journey where participants showcase their progress, and the best performers receive rewards to kickstart their careers. SkillHer Young: This program encourages personal growth in young girls, creating a space for exploration and development. SkillHer Charities: Beyond skills, SkillHer Charities focuses on providing essential items to those

Elevating Your Business: The Strategic Impact of Value-Based Selling

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, where innovation is the key to staying ahead, mastering value-based selling is not just a strategy; it's a game-changer. In this blog post, we'll delve into the art of leveraging value-based selling as a strategic blueprint for business excellence. Understanding Value-Based Selling Value-based selling is more than a transaction; it's a philosophy that places the customer at the center. It involves understanding their unique needs, crafting a tailored value proposition, and aligning your product as a solution to their challenges. The Framework for Excellence Know Your Customer Inside Out: Intimately understand your customer's pain points and aspirations through in-depth research and engagement. Craft a Compelling Value Proposition: Develop a value proposition that resonates on a personal level, showcasing how your product solves specific challenges. Align with Customer Goals: Position your product as a strategic partner aligne

Helpmum; One of the startups we helped lay the foundation, continues to make waves

Helpmum Africa ; one of the startups that our business development team led by 'Damola Anjorin helped lay the foundation and continues to support, recently got selected as one of the startups to be funded in partnership by META(whatsapp) on rolling out This is also coming after being recently selected as the first-ever African winner of a $250,000 grant from the   Patrick McGovern Foundation  to support the deployment of the company's AI-Driven Vaccine Intervention Optimiser (ADVISER) Plus  a $50,000 grant from  Waislitz Global Citizens ; for remarkable work in tackling maternal and infant mortality alongside covid response. We're proud of the team's back-to-back wins and the strategic support we've been providing over the years from the company's founding moments. Learn more about the company's founding and our role here  If you've got a remarkable passion for entrepreneurship and you're looking for proper guidance to get started or you

Intern Spotlight: My amazing experience as an Edgetechies Business Analyst by Adetoun Adepoju

I started my 12-week internship with Edgetechies as a Junior Business Analyst a few months ago. So far, the experience has been absolutely incredible. My internship was slated to begin in April 2022, and all work was to be done remotely. I was constantly looking for internship jobs at the time, so when the chance presented itself, it came just in time. I've done remote internships before, but I had no idea that working with Edgetechies would give me an unparalleled experience. Even though I always performed well when such occasions arose, I had always enjoyed working behind the scenes and avoiding any type of spotlight. It continued to be a significant deal for me. There was nowhere for me to run when I was working with the Edgetechies crew. The squad was made up of self-assured and conscientious individuals. I was no longer able to blend in the way I had wished. My supervisor, Kasope Ajibola, guided me as I learned how to create and evaluate business development strategies. I got